To prepare and educate YOU, to be ready when disaster strikes

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Rescue 13 provides you with the experience and training to medically take care of yourself and get yourself out of bad situations in your day to day life and on all of your travels.


Our Services

A variety of ongoing and by request training courses as well as consulting.  

Practice, repeat, perfect!

Already taken the course, or you just need some practice. Rescue 13 offers high quality training aids and equipment for all aspects of self rescue and medical training.

Weekly Dispatches

Tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials and ideas on how to better prepare yourself for every day problems, adventures, and disasters!

Jeff teaching about Mechanical Advantage

About Us

Rescue 13 is comprised of multiple instructors from the military, medical field, rescue work and many others! All are dedicated to bring you the highest quality training.


“Investment in knowledge pays the best interest,”

— Benjamin Franklin