The Greatest Teachers

The Greatest Teachers


The Greatest Teachers

Experience and Failure


No one likes to fail. It is often embarrassing, uncomfortable and means you are going to have to work harder to succeed the next time! In the medical field, failure can literally mean death for you, a loved one, your patient or the stranger you happened upon who needed help.


It can be many different things such as learning on the job, repetition, training, or just living life as a whole! However, experience does not mean you know what you are doing, it only means you have been exposed to a way of doing something or a way of reacting.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.
— Vernon Law

How do you gain experience and avoid failure when failure means catastrophe? TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN!

Everything you do is an experience, reading, dancing, exercising, driving, even walking. As you do something, you get better at repeating it the same way over and over and over. Notice I did not say you get better, in order to get better at something you need to practice it correctly. Learn from an expert in their craft or field and hone your skills until it is en-grained into your very soul! Dramatic? Not one bit, I have had to rely on muscle memory several times both in the field and in training. My hands would act without thought, perform skills I had forgotten I even knew because I had practiced and trained obsessively. You too, can also do this.

I’m going to end this post with a challenge. 2019 is just days away, I challenge you to be aware of the world and build your experience in it. Go out and find something that benefits your community, volunteer with the local shelter, take a Basic Bleeding class, become certified in CPR. Don’t be a bystander when you could have done something to help!

Be prepared for your worst day, so that you can live to see you best!


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